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10 Halloween Crafts To Spook The Neighbours

Halloween crafts


With the spooky season just around the corner, there’s no better time to start preparing with some festive Halloween crafts. Not only are these crafts great for decorating the house and trick-or-treating, but they’re also a fun way to get the whole family involved! All you need to get started is some artist paint, art paper, craft glue and an enthusiastic attitude. Read on to get inspired!




  1. Pool noodle candles
  2. Origami pumpkin garland
  3. Halloween lanterns
  4. Paper ball bat
  5. Spooky pumpkin eyes
  6. Mantle pumpkins
  7. Fluffy spider slime
  8. Witch’s cauldron
  9. Hanging bats
  10. Halloween painted rocks


10 Halloween crafts to spook the neighbours


1.   Pool noodle candles


Halloween Crafts - Pool noodle candles

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This DIY Halloween craft is the perfect indoor and outdoor decoration. Simply cut your pool noodles to different lengths with some craft scissors, paint with black acrylic paint and cut a hole at the top of the noodle to glue in your candle. You can even tie your candles with a nice bow!


2.   Origami pumpkin garland


Halloween Crafts - Origami Pumpkin Garland

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If you’re up for a bit of a challenge this origami pumpkin garland is the perfect fun and festive craft for you. You can hang this up in your house or on your front porch - the choice is yours! All you will need is coloured paper, craft scissors and craft tape.


3.   Halloween lanterns


halloween crafts - halloween lanterns

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This is an easy Halloween craft idea for both adults and kids. You can customise these lanterns as much as you like with different colours and designs. To make these cute lanterns you will need some mason jars, craft scissors, tissue paper, tealight candles, Mod Podge, black cardstock and a foam brush.



4.   Paper ball bat


Halloween Crafts - Paper Ball Bat

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Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky bats. You can place these around the house, hang them on a string or even create a garland. All you will need for this craft project is some black paper, craft scissors, googly eyes and some craft glue.


5.   Spooky pumpkin eyes


Halloween Crafts - spooky pumpkin eyes

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Level up your spooky decorations with these DIY carved eyeball pumpkins. They may look difficult, but with the help of an adult, these are easy to make. To achieve the effect, you will need to paint a smaller pumpkin and pop it into a larger carved pumpkin and voila, you’ve got the perfect Halloween decor to spook the whole neighbourhood.


6.   Mantle pumpkins


halloween crafts - mantle pumpkins

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Looking to spice up your mantle piece? These decorative pumpkins will bring the spook factor this Halloween. Before carving your pumpkins, you can paint them white and set with an acrylic varnish. You can add some candles and spiders for some extra pzazz.


7.   Fluffy spider slime


halloween crafts - fluffy spider slime

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You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy making this fluffy Halloween slime. The best part is, you can customise it to what colour and theme you desire. For example, you can make orange pumpkin slime, zombie slime, white ghost slime and more!


8.   Witch’s cauldron


halloween crafts - witch's cauldron

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Get creative with some kids' art supplies and make these easy crayon witch cauldrons. The wax allows you to create unique and colourful designs, perfect for replicating the insides of a cauldron. You can hang these on your windows or walls for a spooky surprise.


9.   Hanging bats


halloween crafts - hanging bats

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What better way to decorate your front porch than with some hanging bats! All you will need to make these is some black paper, craft scissors and craft tape. You can use a bat template to follow or create your own.


10. Halloween painted rocks


halloween crafts - halloween painted rocks

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Transform small pebbles into some Halloween themed rocks. You can test your creativity and create different designs such as pumpkins, vampires, ghosts, gravestones and skeletons. These are the perfect little decoration for your garden and around the house.


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Halloween craft FAQs


What can you make out of toilet rolls for Halloween?

The best way to make use of your old toilet rolls is by creating some cute Halloween crafts. There are plenty of toilet paper craft ideas, including:

  • Toilet paper roll monsters
  • Ghost candy boxes
  • Toilet paper roll candles
  • Toilet paper frankensteins


How do you make Halloween fun?

Besides decorating your home with fun Halloween crafts, there are plenty of other ways to make the spooky season more enjoyable for everyone. You can:


  • Carve a jack-o-lantern
  • Get dressed up
  • Cook some Halloween treats
  • Enjoy a movie night
  • Plan a halloween treasure hunt


What can I make to sell for Halloween?

If you want to sell some crafts for Halloween, there are plenty of unique crafts you can make to expand your profit over this festive season. Some Halloween crafts to sell  include:


  • Handmade Halloween costumes
  • Halloween jewellery
  • Halloween masks
  • Treat bags
  • Halloween candles


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