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Craft Glue

Stock up on craft glue for your next creative project at Art to Art. Whether you’re using wood or paper for your art design, craft glue has you covered. Shop glues and tapes online today at affordable prices and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

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Helmar Craft & Hobby PVA Glue


Helmar Kids School Glue


Helmar Tiger Grip Glue


Helmar Acid Free Glue


Helmar Craft Glue


Helmar Quick Dry 450 Glue


Helmar Tacky Craft Glue


Mont Marte Leafing Size 60ml


UHU All Plastics Glue 33ml


UHU All Purpose Adhesive


UHU All Purpose Adhesive Super


UHU All Purpose Power Glue


Craft Glue

Craft glue is incredibly versatile and it comes in a variety of types, including: pastes, glue sticks, hot glue guns, school glues, acid free and PVA free glue. Some art glues even dry crystal clear, so you don't have to worry about them interfering with your projects. Their quick drying formulas also allow you to conveniently complete your artwork on time without any mess!


Perfect for all kinds of materials, including: leather, wood, fabric, glass, paper, ceramic and more! Our craft glues are also available in your favourite brands such as Mod Podge, Helmar, X-Press It and Uhu


Explore a range of creative possibilities with our art glues today. Shop craft glue at Art to Art now. Get free shipping when you spend over $100 and same-day dispatch. Plus, you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay. Be sure to check out our other glue and tape supplies including our artist tape and surfaces






What is the best craft glue?

This ultimately depends on the project you’re working on! But rest assured, our variety of artist glues are very durable and reliable, so you don't have to worry about them decreasing the quality of your designs. We stock trusted brands including Modge Podge, Gloo, Helmar, X-Press It and Uhu. We recommend always having your favourite craft glue on hand, so you can achieve success with any of your art and craft projects. 


What is crafting glue?

Crafting glue is a water-based adhesive that can be used for a variety of projects, such as craft projects, school activities, household repairs and hobbies. 

You can also find craft glues with quick drying, non-toxic formulas, which makes them safe for children and school projects. 


What is a hot glue gun good for?

Hot glue guns are electrical devices that contain heating technology to melt sticks of adhesive, so they are ideal for a variety of surfaces. They are affordable and handheld, and require pressure on the trigger to release the glue. They can be used on furniture, wood, fabrics and many other materials. Just be careful to keep your hands clear of the hot glue.