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12 Fun & Easy Summer Crafts For Kids

summer crafts for kids


Summer time is approaching and what better way to keep the kids entertained these holidays than with some fun and easy summer crafts! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite summer crafts for kids that can be made in under 30 minutes or less. There's no special techniques required, all you need is some craft supplies and a positive attitude! Read on to get inspired with these 12 summer art ideas – perfect for kids of all ages. 





  1. Paper plate llamas
  2. Flower pinwheel
  3. Mini beach
  4. Tissue paper suncatchers
  5. Stamped dish towels
  6. Painted rock babies
  7. Toilet roll bees
  8. Egg carton whales
  9. Sun board
  10. Summer photo frame
  11. Paper flower crown
  12. Mason jar candles 


12 summer crafts for kids 


1. Paper plate llamas


summer crafts for kids - paper plate llamas

For the instructions: paper plate llamas


Get into the summer spirit with these bright and colourful paper plate llamas.  Paper plate crafts are always a hit and the best part is, you can get as creative as you want! For this easy summer craft idea, you will need some paper plates, an art pencil, paint brushes, acrylic paint, craft scissors and a hot glue gun. We recommend getting some help from an adult when working with hot glue. 



2. Flower pinwheel


summer crafts for kids - flower pinwheel

For the instructions: flower pinwheels


These colourful flower pinwheels are the perfect way to keep the kids entertained this summer. This is also a great summer art activity for elementary students (if you’re a teacher looking for some inspiration). All you will need is some art paper, craft glue, craft scissors, a marker and a pencil with an art eraser. Just make sure to get some help from an adult when pushing the pin into the wood.



3. Mini beach


summer crafts for kids - mini beach

For the instructions: mini beach


Create your own mini beach at home with this exciting summer craft for kids. There’s no limit to your creativity, so add as many things as you want. Palm trees, beach towels, beach umbrellas and even beach toys. Grab some air drying clay, art paper, craft glue, craft scissors, a paint brush from Art to Art and you’ll have a mini beach in no time! 



4. Tissue paper suncatchers


summer crafts for kids - tissue paper suncatchers

For the instructions: tissue paper suncatchers


What better way to enjoy the summer sunshine than with some colourful suncatchers. What we love about this craft is you can make them into your favourite shapes! Some fun ideas include butterflies, stars, leaves, basic shapes and easter eggs. All you will need is some tissue paper, craft glue, double-sided craft tape, a paint brush, and wax paper. 



5. Stamped dish towels


summer crafts for kids - stamped dish towels

For the instructions: stamped dish towels


Put your design skills to the test and create your own stamped dish towels. You can choose your favourite fruit, animal or plant when creating these. These stamped tea towels are a great craft to brighten up your house or they can even make great gifts! Grab some plain tea towels, fabric paint, a foam board, craft glue and scissors. 



6. Painted rock babies


summer crafts for kids - painted rock babies

For the instructions: Painted rock babies


Make some adorable little painted rock babies this summer with this easy and fun summer art idea. You can find some smooth rocks around your neighbourhood or buy them at your local garden shop. Simply coat with acrylic paint, glue on some googly eyes and add some felt diapers. We recommend letting an adult help with pinning the safety pin on the fabric. 



7. Toilet roll bees


summer crafts for kids - toilet roll bees

For the instructions: toilet roll bees


If you want to create an inexpensive craft, then this is the perfect idea for you! These toilet roll bees are also a great summer art idea for teachers with young children. These only require toilet rolls, art paper, artist paint, googly eyes, craft glue and pipe cleaners. If you want to create different animals, some great ideas include butterflies, bunnies and lions. 



8. Egg carton whales


summer crafts for kids - egg carton whales

For the instructions: egg carton whales


Another inexpensive kids craft idea we love are these egg carton whales. This easy craft can be completed in just a few steps and with only a few supplies - an egg carton, artist paint, craft glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and a marker. Your kids are sure to love these cute three dimensional whales! 



9. Sun board


summer crafts for kids - sun board

For the instructions: sun board


Celebrate the summer sun with this animated sunboard craft. This is a great craft for preschoolers and only requires a few craft supplies - cardboard, artist paint and craft glue! You can print out a template for the face and sun outline, or you can design it yourself - the choice is yours. To brighten up the house, hang this on the wall or use it as a wreath on your door. 



10. Summer photo frame


summer crafts for kids - summer photo frame

For the instructions: summer photo frame


Spice up your home with one of these beach themed photo frames. The best part about this art activity for kids? It requires a trip to the beach! You can collect all your favourite shells and small stones to decorate this frame. Buy a pre-made photo frame or make one yourself with pop sticks. Simply paint the frame, glue on your objects and voila, you’re done. 



11. Paper flower crown


summer crafts for kids - paper flower crown

For the instructions: paper flower crown


Make these decorative flower crowns, perfect for the spring and summertime. Not only will your kids enjoy creating them, they will also have a blast wearing them! These are also super simple to make, all you will need is coloured paper, craft glue and craft scissors. 



12. Mason jar candles 


summer crafts for kids - mason jar candles

For the instructions: mason jar candles


These pretty mason jar candles make for perfect outside table decor. Grab some glitter paint in your favourite colour and swirl it around the jar, then add your tealight candle and mason jar decorations once dry. If you’re decorating your home with these mason jars, we recommend using an electric tealight candle. 



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Summer crafts for kids: FAQs 


What kids crafts can I make from household items?

If you’re looking for some inexpensive summer crafts for kids, there are plenty you can make out of household items. Some household craft ideas include:


  • Cardboard box instruments
  • Toilet paper roll puppy puppet
  • Balloon car
  • Tissue box sailboat
  • Cardboard box village



What are some crafts for 10 year olds?


There are endless crafts for 10 year old children that will keep them busy this summer. Some of our favourite from the list above include:


  • Mason jar candles
  • Summer photo frames
  • Stamped dish towels 
  • Mini beach
  • Flower pinwheels
  • Tissue paper suncatchers



What crafts can you do in 5 minutes for kids?


If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, then we have some great 5 minute crafts that will be a hit with the kids! Some ideas include:


  • DIY glitter jars
  • Surprise slime
  • Play-doh stamps
  • Paper roll flowers
  • Monster mouth envelopes


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