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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Pastel Tools

Achieve impressive blending effects with the range of pastel tools at Art to Art. These reusable and durable pastel art tools are perfect for blending highly pigmented colours. Easily clean with water and wipe with a dry paper towel. Choose from your favourite brands including Pan Pastel, Mont Marte, Faber Castell and more! Shop pastel art tools online and receive same-day dispatch. Free shipping over $100.

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PanPastel Sofft Covers Mixed 40pk


PanPastel Sofft Covers Round No.1


PanPastel Sofft Covers Flat No.2


PanPastel Sofft Covers Oval No.3


PanPastel Sofft Covers Point No.4


PanPastel Sofft Knife & Covers


PanPastel Sofft Knife & Covers No 1 Round


PanPastel Sofft Knife & Covers No. 2 Flat


PanPastel Sofft Knife & Covers No. 3 Oval


PanPastel Sofft Knife & Covers No. 4 Point


PanPastel Sofft Combination Set


PanPastel Sofft Tools Starter Set


PanPastel Sofft Angle Slice Flat


PanPastel Sofft Angle Slice Round


PanPastel Sofft Applicator & Replaceable Heads


PanPastel Sofft Big Oval


PanPastel Sofft Replacement Heads


PanPastel Sofft Round 4pk


PanPastel Sofft Sponge Flat


PanPastel Sofft Sponge Wedge


PanPastel Sofft Sponge Mixed


PanPastel Sofft Sponge Point


PanPastel Sofft Mini Applicators 12pk


PanPastel Sofft Sponge Round


Staedtler Blending Stumps 4pk


Mont Marte Paper Stumps 7pk


Faber Castell Dusting brush 1600


Pastel Tools

The pastel tools at Art to Art are great for adding dimension and definition to your artworks. Choose from unique shapes and sizes to achieve your desired effects. Aside from blending, our soft pastel blending tools can also be used for drawing and painting. 


Pastel tools can be used with a variety of different mediums, including pastels, artist inks, acrylic paints, drawing charcoal, chalk and more! Due to the non-abrasive design, the finished results are smoother than paint brush applications. 


Unleash your creativity with pastel tools and accessories at Art to Art today. Receive free shipping when you spend over $100. Get same day dispatch Australia-wide and pay later with Afterpay. Looking for more art supplies? We also stock drawing accessories, art paper and artist paint





What are pastel tools?

Pastel tools are used to draw, paint and blend with pastels. However, they can also be used for a variety of other mediums. They allow artists to use impressive techniques, interesting effects and marks. These are perfect for artists looking to achieve smooth effects, rather than visible brush strokes with a paint brush. 


What tools do you use to blend pastels?

There are a range of different tools you can use to blend pastels. However, the most popular pastel blending tools include:


  • Art sponges: Great for drawing, painting and blending, they are made from micropore sponge which provides a smooth and uniform finish. Their unique shape and sizes allow for good coverage and fine details. 


  • Sofft knives: This tool acts as a brush and a knife, which is perfect for traditional painting techniques. They are flexible, durable and feature a comfortable handle for controlled applications. 


  • Sofft covers: They are ideal for pairing with Sofft knives. They allow knives to carry and release pigments for different effects. They are made of micropore sponge for a semi-absorbent and smooth application. 


How do you use a pastel blender?

Pastel blending stumps are easy to use. Hold the blending stump at different angles to cover large areas and create fine details. They can be used with charcoal, chalk, pastel and art pencils. Pastel blenders are easy to clean, simply use sandpaper to clean the tip of your pastel blender.