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Gold Leaf Paper

Add some shine to your art projects today with our wide variety of gold leaf papers. Gold leaf has been widely used  since ancient times to display wealth and luxury, but now you can use it to add unique effects to your art! 

Art to Art carries an array of gold leaf products, including paper, sheets, flakes and liquid metallic leaf. Shop modelling and sculpting supplies now at affordable prices to get same day dispatch and free shipping over $100.

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Xpress It Gold Metal Leaf


Xpress It Copper Metal Leaf


Xpress It Silver Metal Leaf


Xpress It Gold Metal Leaf Bulk 100pk


Xpress It Silver Metal Leaf Bulk 100pk


Xpress It Copper Metal Leaf Flakes


Xpress It Gold Metal Leaf Flakes


Xpress It Silver Metal Leaf Flakes


Mont Marte Imitation Gold Leaf


Mont Marte Imitation Copper Leaf


Mont Marte Imitation Silver Leaf


Xpress It Gold Leaf Size


Gold Leaf Paper

Gold leaf sheets are the perfect way to create an eye-catching statement in any creative project. This excellent crafting material gives you the freedom to decorate a variety of surfaces including furniture, paintings, sculptures, leather goods and more! In our gold leaf paper range, you can also choose from silver and copper. Select from your favourite brands such as Mont Marte, Xpress It and Amaco today. 


For the budget-friendly artists, we also stock imitation gold leaf. These are easy to handle, and add a sense of luxury to your projects without the added costs. We also recommend using a clear, solvent based varnish over our imitation gold leaf sheets to prevent it from tarnishing overtime. 


Coming in a wide range of colours and sizes, you're sure to find the perfect gold leaf paper for your project. Buy gold leaf paper online today and receive same day dispatch. Art to Art also offers free shipping when you spend over $100 and Afterpay. 





What is gold leaf paper?

Gold leaf paper is a warm, golden material that provides a metallic shine and can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as artworks, furniture and more. Also known as gold leaf sheets, this art crafting material provides elegance and is even available in a range of shades such as silver and copper. 


Are gold leaf sheets real gold?

Yes that but that depends! Gold leaf paper is either sold as imitation gold leaf that is usually an Aluminium base or real Gold leaf that has been compressed into a thin sheet and comes in an array of karat purities. Pure gold leaf sheets are also very durable, moisture-resistant and won’t crack, were as imitation leaf can easily tarnish if not used correctly but still has the same stunning results. The easiest way to tell the difference is the price! 


Can gold leaf be applied to paper? 

Gold leaf can be applied to paper to create beautiful, glowing designs. We recommend applying a glue first, then carefully using either your hand or a fine watercolour brush to gild the gold leaf onto the surface. 


What is gold paper used for?

The most common use for gold leaf paper is gilding it onto certain projects to add a stunning glow. Gold leaf sheets can be used to decorate picture frames, paintings, glass, cupboards and even food!