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Table Easels

Artist table easels are designed to be placed on a desk or table, and may be used while standing or sitting. Suitable for both painting and display purposes, a table easel is ideal for a smaller art canvas. Shop online today and get same day dispatch.

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Mont Marte Traditional Desk Easel


Mont Marte Table Easel With Drawer


Mont Marte Small Pine Table Easel


Mont Marte Big Desk easel


Mont Marte A2 Drawing board


Mont Marte A3 Drawing board


Mont Marte Aluminium Table Top Easel


Mont Marte Table Top Box Easel Medium


Mont Marte Table Top Box Easel Large


Table Easels

Table easels are a fantastic addition to any studio or home. Coming in a range of sizes, our art desk easels are perfect for painting outdoors, for those with limited space and for artists who specialise in smaller paintings.

We also have table drawing boards available in our range. These feature a smooth, beech wood surface that’s ideal for drawing, sketching and painting. With an angle adjuster and an elastic band, you have plenty of flexibility - making it a necessity for artists and planners.

Shop table easels and larger easels online. At Art to Art, we’re your one stop shop for art supplies. Whether you’re doing a watercolour or oil painting, you can find everything you need right here. 





Should I get a tabletop easel?

A desktop easel is the easiest way to work on your small artwork. It keeps your perspective in check, helps with your posture and is portable and compact.

Is it better to paint on an easel?

This really comes down to your preference and what sort of artwork you’re creating. Some artists prefer painting on the floor or just on a table, while others like easels. Table easels do help to keep your perspective precise, can give you better posture and also reduce the risk of back pain from leaning over your painting.

Are table top easels good?

Absolutely! Tabletop painting easels not only give you support as you’re painting, but are compact and easy to move around. Plus, they’re perfect for art classes, workshops and ‘paint and sip’ events.

How do I choose an easel for my painting?

Firstly, you need to determine the size of canvas you usually paint on. If you normally opt for smaller ones, an art desk easel will be your best option. But if you paint on larger canvas or require a designated painting spot, we recommend a floor art easel

Secondly, if you like to move your painting around, you’ll want to choose a portable easel as they’re lightweight and compact. Lastly, if you’re just displaying your artwork and not using the easel to paint on, try a display easel