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Hog Bristle Brushes

Unleash your creativity with Art to Art’s collection of hog hair paint brushes. Made from stiff, coarse hair, these paint brushes are ideal for heavy-bodied artist paints, such as oil paint. They also have great absorbency, exceptional holding capacity and wonderful colour control. 

Browse the range of hog hair paint brushes at Art to Art below, or shop now to get free shipping when you spend over $100.

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Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle Fan


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle Angle Bright 10


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle - Bright


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle - Egbert


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle - Flat


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle - Filbert


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle - Round


Princeton Refine 5400 Bristle - Short Filbert


Princeton 9700 Snap Bristle Bright


Princeton 9700 Snap Bristle Flat


Princeton 9700 Snap Bristle Round


Princeton Select 3750 Bristle Fan


Hog Bristle Brushes

No matter your idea, you can bring it to life with hog paint brushes. Choose from a range of brush shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Round
  • Filbert 
  • Fan
  • Mop
  • Angle 

Shop popular brands like Neef and Princeton, and get free shipping over $100. Same day dispatch and Afterpay are also available. Need a different paint brush? We stock acrylic paint brushes, taklon acrylic brushes and more. 





Are hog hair brushes good?

Absolutely! Hog hair artist paint brushes are the go-to brushes for many oil painters. However, because of their coarseness, they will not be effective for watercolour paint.

What are hog hair brushes used for?

Hog hair paint brushes are great for base coats, heavy-bodied paints like oils and acrylics, and for adding texture. Due to the different shapes and sizes available, these brushes can also be used for a number of painting techniques. 

Are hog hair brushes stiff?

Yes they are. They're made from natural hog hair making these paint brushes  stiff and coarse. The bristles also usually have split-ends, which helps to hold extra paint. However hog bristle can go limp in water, losing its stiffness which may not be ideal for acrylic painters  

How long do hog hair brushes last?

Well that depends on how much use they get and the texture of the surface you paint on, that causes them to wear down.