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8 Different Types Of Craft Glue

8 Different Types of Craft Glue

Whether you’re an artist or not, glue is an essential item to have on hand. Craft glue can work for a variety of different projects, including arts and crafts, minor repairs, DIY projects around the house and more! Depending on your needs, it’s important to know the different types of craft glue so you can choose the right one. Read on to learn more about the different types of art glue and how you can use them.


  1. PVA glue
  2. Hot glue
  3. Glue sticks
  4. Mod Podge glue
  5. Glue tabs
  6. Spray glue
  7. Fabric glue
  8. Super glue

What is craft glue?

Craft glue is an adhesive that is used for a range of arts and crafts projects, however, this can also extend to other uses such as repairing things around the house or any kind of project. It helps to bond materials together. Depending on the kind of project you are working on, you will need to choose a different art glue.

8 different types of craft glue

1.   PVA glue

PVA glue is a water-based adhesive that is used to adhere porous materials together. It’s considered one of the best glues for crafts as the paste can be used on things such as paper, clothing and wood. It’s popular among beginners and professional artists as it is affordable and can be used on a variety of materials.


PVA glue comes in two different shades, white and yellow. If you choose a white adhesive, it will dry clear and a yellow one will retain the colour. There are also a variety of different PVA’s that are acid-free, fast drying and non-toxic.

types of craft glue - PVA glue



What can PVA glue be used for?

PVA glue has a variety of uses, such as:


  • Arts and crafts: PVA glue is a great option for all kinds of art projects. This is especially popular for kindergarten art projects as it's non-toxic and easy to work with.


  • Woodwork: This is one of the most popular uses for PVA glue. Even though it’s affordable, this glue is durable and easy to apply. However, this glue should only be used on smaller indoor projects.


  • Binding books: PVA adhesive works as an effective binder to repurpose objects. Many people like to use PVA glue to re-assemble their old books that have been damaged.


  • Fabrics: If you don’t have access to fabric glue, PVA glue can work just as well. This is a great option for hobbyists and people looking to repair clothes.

2.   Hot glue

Hot glue is a strong adhesive that is heated in a glue gun, and used for a range of projects and materials. The design of the hot glue gun allows for easy and controlled application. They are also popular amongst artists and hobbyists as they are suitable for such a broad range of materials.

If you’re using a hot glue gun, you just need to be cautious as the high heat of the glue can cause burns if it comes into contact with your skin.


types of craft glue - hot glue

What can hot glue be used for?

Hot glue can be used for a number of different projects. These can include:


  • Arts and crafts: As hot glue guns are such a versatile and durable glue, they can be used for a variety of arts and craft projects.


  • Woodwork: They can be used for a variety of wood projects such as furniture repair, laminate bonding, small home repairs, door installations and more.


  • Fabric, foam and plastic: The hot temperature is great for bonding different materials together. The formula is also water-soluble so it can be washed out of fabrics if needed.


3.   Glue sticks

Glue sticks are a convenient tool for your pencil case. They are a popular glue used in classroom settings and even offices. Artists love these as they are clear, fast-drying, durable and easy to use. However, compared to other glues they are limited with the surfaces they can be applied to.

types of craft glue - glue sticks


What can glue sticks be used for?

Glue sticks can be used on the following surfaces:


  • Paper, cardboard and photos: If you’re working on an art paper project, a glue stick is the best choice due to the easy application. Only a light application is needed for it to be effective.


4.   Mod Podge glue

Mod Podge is one of the most popular all-purpose glues for art and craft projects! Modge Podge works on a wide range of materials including fabrics and outdoor surfaces like wood and plastics. This all-in-one glue dries clear, is non-toxic and has a fast drying formula.


Not only is Mod Podge a glue, it can also be used as a varnish for artist paint and other art works like mosaics!


types of craft glue - mod podge


What can Mod Podge glue be used for?

            Mod Podge glue can be used on porous surfaces including:


  • Wood: Mod Podge is great for bonding together pieces of wood. You will be able to find the right glue depending on the size of your project and whether it will be inside or outside.
  • Fabric, paper and plastic: If you’re working on arts and craft projects that use fabric, paper or plastic, mod podge will work great to adhere these materials together. They are great for projects like jewellery making and kindergarten crafts.


  • Glass and ceramics: Mod podge can be used on glass and ceramics as a top coat to seal any kind of artworks such as paintings.


5.   Fabric glue

Fabric glue is a type of adhesive that is used to stick together or repair any kind of fabric materials such as cushions, clothing, arts and crafts projects and more! It is also an easy alternative to sewing.

Fabric glues have been specialised to avoid fraying and stretching on any fabrics that you work with. They are also highly durable, non-toxic and dry.




What can fabric glue be used for?

            Fabric glue can be used for:

  • Furniture: If you are a passionate hobbyist, you have probably used fabric glue before. It is great for repairing any furniture around the house or any DIY projects involving furniture. You can even use this glue for cushion-making.


  • Clothing: Whether you want to design some new clothing or repair damaged clothes, fabric glue is a great option for you.


  • Outdoor materials: Fabric glue shouldn’t be limited to fabrics only. The strong and durable formula can be used for a range of materials such as wood, tarps, leather and glass.


6.   Glue tabs

If you’re looking for an easy and mess-free alternative to glue, these glue tabs are the best option for you. Glue tabs are popular for a range of arts and craft projects such as scrapbooking, card making, part accessories and more!


They feature double-sided adhesive that is both removable and highly durable for a range of projects.

types of craft glue - glue tabs



What can glue tabs be used for?

            Glue dots can be used on projects such as:


  • Arts and craft projects: If you’re doing any arts and craft project using paper, cardboard, wood or canvas, adhesive tabs are a great option for you!


  • Nail art: Aside from art projects, glue tabs can even be used for nail art as they provide a durable bond, and can easily be removed!


7.   Spray glue

Spray glue is an adhesive that provides an easy application through a spray can. Some artists prefer to work with spray adhesive as it features a quick-drying formula and can cover a large area in a short amount of time.

types of craft glue - spray glue




What can spray glue be used for?

            Spray glue can be used for the following surfaces:


  • Durable materials: Spray adhesive can be used to bond a variety of durable materials. These can include wood, acrylic, foam, plastic, glass, leather, cardboard and metal.


8.   Super glue

Super glue is a specially designed glue that contains strong bonds to adhere materials like metals, plastic, ceramic and more. Not only is super glue fast-acting, it’s great for a variety of surfaces and dries clear. Even though super glue is highly durable, it is only suitable for smaller arts and craft projects.

types of glue - super glue

What can super glue be used for?

Super glue is great for a number of art and craft projects that include:


  • Solid and flexible materials: This high-quality glue is ideal for a number of heavy duty materials such as wood, leather, metal, plastic, porcelain, cork, rubber, felt and polycarbonate. With the variety of materials that super glue can be used on, the creative possibilities are endless!

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Different types of craft glue : Other FAQs


Is craft glue the same as PVA glue?

Yes! PVA, which is also known as craft glue, is a popular choice for all kinds of artists as it can adhere to a range of surfaces, as well as being easy and safe to use. Some craft glues, however, are solvent based, which makes them differ from PVA glue in terms of safety and drying time.


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