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Gesso & varnish brushes

Art to Art has an incredible range of paint brushes for all of your painting needs, and a gesso or varnish brush is no exception. Our selection of wide, flat brushes are perfect to help you apply gesso primer or varnish for your next project.

With a selection of various lengths, handles and bristle types, you can really get the texture and shape you want when applying gesso or varnish to your canvas or untreated wood. As an added bonus, when you spend $100 online you receive free shipping and same day dispatch from Art to Art, anywhere in Australia.

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Princeton Aspen Mottler


Princeton Redline Angle Brush


Princeton redline Flat Brushes


Princeton Redline Oval


Princeton redline Paddle Brushes


Princeton 5650 Gesso Brush


Princeton 5450 Gesso Brush

$15.95 $7.98

Princeton Select 3750 Bristle Bright


Mont Marte Long Handle Gesso Brush 4


Mont Marte Long Handle Gesso Brush 6


Mont Marte Goat Hair Hake Brush


Mont Marte Abstract Expression Brush


Gesso & varnish brushes

Our varnish brushes are the perfect way to apply gesso to your untreated art canvas before you begin painting. Because applying varnish can damage your regular paint brushes, get one from Art to Art that's built for the job. 


With a choice of flat, angled or oval bristles along with paddle or regular handles, you'll have all the control you need. This will ensure you won’t get the varnish anywhere you don’t want it to be. You can also choose from popular brands like Mont Marte and Princeton.


Shop a selection of artist varnish brushes today, and don't forget that with Afterpay you can buy now, but pay later! Select the option in the checkout, and if your cart is over $100, you qualify for free shipping!




What is the best brush for varnish?


It depends on what kind of varnish you're using - if it's oil-based, you should use a natural-bristle brush. If you're using a water-based varnish, you should use a synthetic bristled brush, as the water makes natural bristles spread out and lose their uniformness.


How do you apply varnish without brush marks?


To make sure you don't leave any unsightly brush marks, you need to make sure that you're applying the thinnest layer of varnish, and making sure that your first coat dries before applying your second coat. You can add turpentine to your varnish to make it thinner and dry faster, and you could also make sure that your room is warm enough so that the varnish isn't as viscous. 


What is a varnish paint brush?


It's a kind of brush that's designed to spread varnish evenly on the surface you're working on. Often they are quite wide, which helps move the varnish across the surface as quickly as possible. Varnish brushes are also thicker than regular brushes because that helps them hold more varnish.




What do you do with a varnish brush between coats?


If you're going to do another coat soon, you can do a quick rinse with a solvent (paint brush cleaner) and then place them in a zip-lock bag in the freezer to use the next day. For longer term storage, rinse with mineral spirits and then wash with soap and water, but it might take you a few washes to get the varnish all out. Then, after it's totally dry, keep it in a dry box with a tight lid so the brush won't get mould or mildew.