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Oil Paint Mediums

Oil paint mediums are a great way to change the characteristics of your oil paints. Use them to increase gloss, reduce drying time, build transparency or create a range of stunning effects. Shop oil paint mixing mediums and artist paints today. Get free shipping when you spend over $100 and same day dispatch.

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Gamblin Cold Wax Medium


Gamblin Galkyd Gel


Gamblin Poppy Oil


Gamblin Solvent Free Fluid Medium


Gamblin Solvent Free Gel


Langridge Impasto Medium


Langridge Oleo Gel


Langridge Refined Linseed Oil


Langridge Refined Safflower Oil


Langridge Solvent 75


Langridge Stand Oil


Art Spectrum Brush & Hand Cleaner 150ml


Oil Paint Mediums

At Art to Art, we stock a range of high-quality oil paint mediums to help you achieve an array of effects for your artworks. We offer linseed oil, glazing gels, impasto, wax paste and damar varnish, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution. Choose from trusted brands such as Art Spectrum, Gamblin, Langridge, Winsor & Newton and more! 


These easy-to-use oil paint mediums can be mixed in with your professional oil paints or applied as a primer for a smooth finish. We recommend applying thin layers to achieve a quick drying time. 


Shop art mediums today at Art to Art. Get same day dispatch and free shipping over $100. You can also buy now and pay later with Afterpay. Need to stock up on more art supplies? We have a wide range of shippable oil mediums and art canvas too. 






Do you need mediums for oil painting?

Using an oil paint medium is up to the individual artist – you can still achieve stunning results without them. But if you want to change the characteristics of the paint such as the drying time, consistency or transparency, we recommend using an oil paint medium. 


What is the most typical medium for oil paint?

The most common medium used for oil painting is linseed oil and safflower oil as it's great for holding pigments together. It also helps with slowing down the drying time, which is good if you have thick, painted layers. It is also great for creating interesting effects. We also stock a range of other high-quality mediums, so you can find the perfect option for your art. 


Do I need paint thinner for oil paint?

Depends on what design you're aiming to achieve. Some artists prefer to use oil paints without thinners, but if you find thin consistency easier to work with, we recommend mixing in a small amount of an oil paint medium. 


Can you use olive oil as a medium for oil painting?

You cannot use olive oil as a medium as it does not contain hardening properties, meaning it won't dry the paint. Instead, we recommend using an oil drying medium as you will easily be able to change the characteristics of your paint and achieve your desired outcomes.