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Art activities for kindergarten students



Kindergarten is the perfect time to experiment with a range of different art media - from painting to drawing and modelling and sculpting! Young kids are always willing to express their creativity and try something new. If you’re a kindergarten teacher looking for new activity ideas that will get the kids excited - we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about our 10 super easy and fun art activities for kindergarten students


  1. Clay animals

  2. Egg carton turtles

  3. Shaving cream marbling

  4. Paper plate rainbow fish

  5. Jellyfish salt painting

  6. Origami chatterbox

  7. Stationary pots

  8. DIY dinosaur 

  9. Tin can kites

  10. Colourful carp fish

10 art activities for kindergarten students

  1. Clay animals

Kids love getting creative and with these clay animal models, they will be able to make animals of all shapes and sizes. All they will need is some air dry clay, acrylic paint and a paintbrush


For the instructions: clay animals

  1. Egg carton turtles 

This easy art activity for kindergarten students is sure to be a hit! Using just an old egg carton, paint, pom poms and googly eyes - you can create these cute little models. 


For the instructions: egg carton turtles

  1. Shaving cream marbling

This is a super fun and easy activity that the kids will never get tired of. Simply add your liquid watercolour paint to a bowl of shaving cream, mix with a paintbrush and press your art paper into the cream! 


For the instructions: shaving cream marbling


  1. Paper plate rainbow fish

An easy preschool art project that can be hung up and displayed. Kids can decorate their fish with acrylic paint and sparkly scales. 


For the instructions: paper plate rainbow fish

  1. Jellyfish salt painting

This is a unique and fun kindergarten project for school. All you need is salt, craft glue and watercolour paint to create this detailed and textured jellyfish art! 


For the instructions: jellyfish salt painting


  1. Origami chatterbox

This is a popular favourite that will keep the kids entertained for hours. All you need is paper and an art marker! Kids will love this activity as they can get creative and decorate it how they like. 

For the instructions: origami chatterbox

  1. Stationary pots

This is both a super fun and functional art activity for kindergarten students. These can also be great gifts for the parents! All you will need is old bottles, craft scissors, a paintbrush and paint! 


For the instructions: stationary pots

  1. DIY dinosaurs

This craft is an easy and fun introduction to the prehistoric period. Just using paper plates, toilet rolls and paint, kids can get as creative as they desire with decorating their dinosaur. 


For the instructions: DIY dinosaurs 

  1. Tin can kites

Gather old tins, paint, ribbon and a marker to make these cute kites. They are perfect for hanging up and kids can let their imaginations run wild decorating them. 


For the instructions: tin can kites

  1. Colourful carp fish

This is a colourful and vibrant art project that you can make using only toilet paper rolls, paint, markers and glue! They are a great decoration that can be displayed around the house. 


For the instructions: colourful carp fish

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FAQs about art activities for kindergarten students

How do you teach art in Kindergarten?

Art lessons in kindergarten are important for kids to explore their creativity and have fun whilst doing it. Art can be enjoyed by everyone and shouldn’t be the time for any harsh assessments. Some great things to focus on in the school classroom are: 

  • Using a variety of art supplies to try new techniques 

  • Introducing them to well known artists 

  • Introducing art vocabulary 

  • Providing activities that involve all of their senses

  • Providing activities that allow kids to express themselves creatively 

Why is art important in kindergarten?

Art is a way of communicating ideas by accessing different parts of the brain. By using a variety of art materials, children can express themselves, problem solve and understand emotions. Art also allows kids to improve their written expression and reflection skills. 

What are more examples of artistic activities?

When it comes to art for kindergarten, the possibilities are endless. If you are a parent or a kindergarten art teacher, we have compiled a list of fun and easy art ideas for kids below: 


  • Folk art trees

  • Polar bear art 

  • Colour wheel turkey

  • Painted paper duckling 

  • Sea turtle painting 


For all the tutorials: Kindergarten art activities 

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