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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Watercolour Paints

Discover a wide selection of watercolour paints and sets at Art to Art. Find everything you need from the world's best brands such as Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith Watercolours , Maimeri Blu and Art Spectrum. Shop online today and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

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Daniel Smith Artist Watercolours

$24.95 $21.95

Daniel Smith Hand Poured Watercolour Half Pans

$19.95 $16.95

Maimeri Blu Watercolours

$23.95 $19.95

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolours


Van Gogh Watercolour Half Pans

$10.95 $8.95

Van Gogh Watercolour Tubes


Art Spectrum Watercolours


Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolour Pans


Watercolour Paints


Professional watercolour paints

With unrivalled performance and bright, vibrant colours, these artist paints are a must for the professional watercolour artist. Choose from a wide range of colours and enjoy the brilliance of these artist watercolour paints.


Watercolour dot cards

Ever wanted to try a variety of watercolour paint colours without buying a number of individual tubes? Use a watercolour dot card! You can find dot cards with 66 colours all the way up to 238 colours. With a wet brush, the dried dots will become a brilliant, brushable watercolour. 


Paint sets

Whether you're a beginner watercolour artist or want a specific collection of colours, you can find everything you need in our watercolour paint sets. Discover sets with all the essential colours, nature colours and vibrant colours!


Watercolour painting tools

To create a watercolour masterpiece, you need the right tools. That’s where our range of watercolour brushes come in. Discover our collection of sable, taklon and squirrel brushes - all designed to perfectly handle watercolour paint. For even more control, opt for watercolour brush pens or watercolour pencils.


Shop the best watercolour paints Australia has to offer at Art to Art. Get same day dispatch on all art supplies and free shipping when you spend over $100. 




Which watercolour paints are best?

Professional artist paints offer the highest degree of colour and lightfastness 

Brands to look out for:

  • Daniel Smith 

  • Maimeri Blu
  • Winsor & Newton Professional

  • Art Spectrum


What is watercolour paint used for?

Watercolour is a versatile paint and can be used for a wide variety of art styles and creations! But due to their finish, they’re often used for painting botanicals, still life, portraits and landscapes.


Is watercolour or acrylic easier?

If you’re a beginner, acrylic paints may be easier to use. It dries fast, so you can easily go over any mistakes, and it can be cleaned up with water. But this doesn’t mean you have to paint with it if you’d prefer watercolour! If you’re a beginner watercolour artist, just make sure you take your time and watch plenty of video tutorials before you get started. 


Can you use canvas for watercolour?

Yes you can paint watercolour on canvas! You simply need to prime the canvas with a watercolour primer first.