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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Professional MDF Canvas Panels

MDF pre-primed Artist  panels are made to stand the test of time, offering a stable, archival, portable surface for your oil and acrylic paintings. With MDF hardboard cores they will not warp, become brittle, or degrade over time. 

At Art to Art,  Canvas Art Boards are ideal for works in any paint medium, from Oils and acrylics to encaustic, and even Watercolour, if primed correctly first. These painting boards are strong enough to stand on an easel without requiring a backing board — they are great for fast set-up of painting sessions. Use for quick gestural paintings, classroom studies, compositional planning, and finished pieces.  Why wait? Shop canvas panels online and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

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Phoenix MDF Canvas Panel 13X17cm


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Phoenix MDF Canvas Panel 20x25cm


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Phoenix MDF Canvas Panel 40x50cm


Professional MDF Canvas Panels

All too often, both amateur and experienced artists are forced to throw away artwork because it was painted on a poor substrate. Whether that substrate was chosen for economic or practical reasons, it is still a shame to lose the work. Painting on an achival & stong support seeks to solve that problem by offering the perfect panel choice for both students and advanced artists! 


MDF painting boards have been created to offer greater economy than traditional stretched canvas. They are perfect for working up studies, for developing new techniques and may be framed for works you want to keep. Whether you like to create your art work with oil, acrylic, watercolour, marker, coloured pencil, charcoal, printmaking, or even collage.


While MDF canvas panels are fantastic for beginners, they’re ideal for professional artists too! Made from high-quality materials, these panels offer the perfect painting base. Shop our range of canvas panels online today and get free shipping when you spend over $100. 






What is the difference between a canvas and a canvas panel?

To help explain the difference, we need to look at the different types of canvas: 


Canvas panels and boards: these have a piece of primed canvas stretched over cardboard or a MDF wooden board/panel. They’re affordable, less prone to damage and very stable to work on.


Stretched canvas: this is made from canvas stretched over timber stretcher bars, usually in the shape of a rectangle or square. They’re the go-to for most artists and are usually pre-primed. The difference is that they don’t have a backing, the support comes from the bars on the edges.


Canvas rolls: canvas rolls are rolls of canvas that come in all lengths and sizes. They can be painted on as is or can also be stretched (which takes a lot of patience and strength). 


Are canvas panels better than canvas?

This is ultimately up to your personal preference and budget! However, canvas panels are generally cheaper, harder to damage than stretched canvas and are already mounted. Plus, they offer a stable painting surface and usually come primed and ready to go.


How do you keep canvas panels from bending?

Because canvas panels are often made from cardboard or MDF, it's important that they're looked after properly to avoid bending and curling. You should always lay them flat, and you should make sure that you keep them out of humid environments that will permeate the backing frame and make it bend. You can also try using an easel to keep them stable as you paint. 


Another tip is to paint the back of the canvas panel - the paint makes the board stiffer, and less likely to warp. If you've just painted a piece and it's starting to bend, you could try using less paint, because then there's less moisture being transfer