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Helmar Silicone Oil 100ml

Manufacturer: Helmar
SKU: 1592

Helmar Silicone Oil can be used for making "cells" using an acrylic pouring medium & fluid acrylic paints. In order to create these effects the use of an acrylic pouring medium is essential, then mixed with a fluid acrylic to create the desired colours, The best pouring medium is the Golden GAC800 and Golden high flow acrylic paints make sure to use a strong Double thick canvas or wooden board as it is the best support to paint on.

made with 100% Silicone Oil it coats onto a surface readily and is very compatible with most materials. Its Clear, colourless, odourless and non-toxic. Non-sensitising so it won’t hurt your skin.
In fact the same polymer is a component in many hand creams. Resistant to oxidation and ultraviolet radiation, great as a rust inhibitor. Chemical and weather-resistant.



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Existing reviews
I have been trying to locate silicone oil in Australia and finally was able to purchase here. The product is perfect for acrylic pouring and results are fantastic with great cells.
From: Guest | Date: 4/12/2017 5:26 PM
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Makes HUGE cells
This silicone is perfect for pouring acrylics.  I've had great success making gorgeous cells. Great value.
From: Jo | Date: 25/02/2018 2:45 AM
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So happy to have found my purchase place for oh-so-hard-to-find silicone oil for my acrylic pour paintings. fantastic
From: Guest | Date: 2/03/2018 9:38 AM
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