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Derwent Pastel Pencils

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Manufacturer: Derwent

Derwent Pastel Pencils allow you enjoy the colourful brilliance of pastels in a convenient, non-messy form. These richly pigmented pencils have the softness and blendability of traditional pastels, but encased in a painted wooden barrel, they eliminate the mess of traditional pastels and allow for easy sharpening and detail work. With a balanced range of 72 vibrant colours, Derwent Pastel Pencils are simple to blend with a blending stump, brush or finger, for smooth colour transitions.

  • Artist’s grade Pastel Pencils
  • Smooth application and easy blending
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Richly pigmented
  • Available in Multiple Sets
  • The Beauty Of Pastels, Without The Mess

  • *
    • P010 Vanilla
    • P030 Process Yellow
    • P040 Deep Cadmium
    • P050 Saffron
    • P060 Dandelion
    • P070 Naples Yellow
    • P080 Marigold
    • P090 Burnt Orange
    • P100 Spectrum Orange
    • P110 Tangerine
    • P130 Cadmium Red
    • P140 Raspberry
    • p150 flesh
    • P160 Crimson
    • P170 Maroon
    • P180 Pale Pink
    • P190 Coral
    • P200 Magenta
    • P210 Dark Fuschia
    • P220 Burgundy
    • P230 Soft Violet
    • P260 Violet
    • P250 Lavender
    • P270 Red Violet
    • P280 Dioxine Purple
    • P290 Ultramarine
    • P310 Powder Blue
    • P320 Cornflower Blue
    • P330 Cerulean Blue
    • P340 Cyan
    • P350 Prussian Blue
    • P360 Indigo
    • P370 Pale Spectrum Blue
    • P300 Pale Ultramarine
    • P380 Kingfisher Blue
    • P390 Cobalt Blue
    • P400 Cobalt Turquoise
    • P410 Forest Green
    • P420 Shamrock
    • P430 Pea Green
    • P440 Mid Green
    • P450 Green Oxide
    • P460 Emerald
    • P470 Fresh Green
    • P480 May Green
    • P490 Pale Olive
    • P500 Ionian Green
    • P510 Olive Green
    • P520 Dark Olive
    • P530 Sepia
    • P540 Burnt Umber
    • P550 Brown Earth
    • P560 Raw Umber
    • P570 Tan
    • P580 Yellow Ochre
    • P590 Chocolate
    • P600 Burnt Ochre
    • P610 Burnt Carmine
    • P620 Dark Sanguine
    • P640 Terracotta
    • P670 French Grey Light
    • P650 French Dark Grey
    • P680 Aluminium Grey
    • P660 Seal
    • P690 blue grey
    • P700 Graphite Grey
    • P710 Carbon Black
    • p720 titanium white


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