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Caran d'Ache Pastel Pencils Sets

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Manufacturer: Caran D Ache

Carefully selected by leading pastel artists, Caran d'Ache Pastel Pencil Sets are intended for both beginners and experienced amateur or professional artists. Ideal for preliminary work, the sets are also perfect for detailed finishing of a huge variety of subjects.

Caran d'Ache Pastel Pencils are made from pure raw materials to create a pastel pencil paste that is fed by hand into round moulding dies, oven-dried in special baskets, carefully glued between two strips of the finest California cedar, and cut into lengths to produce several pencils. Four coats of clear varnish are applied, and great care is taken to exactly match the color cap to the shade of the pastel. As a final step, the pencils are sharpened in a double-cone process, a particularly delicate operation for such a fragile product.

Set of 12 042 Flesh,069 Burnt Sienna,408 Dark Sepia,009 Black,719 Dark Phthalocyanine Green,245 Light Olive 40%,161 Light Blue,631 Light Ultramarine Violet,070 Scarlet,300 Fast Orange,820 Golden Bismuth Yellow,901 Chinese White

Set of 20,009 Black,408 Dark Sepia,105 Plum,631 Light Ultramarine Violet,003 Light Grey,042 Flesh,035 Ochre,066 Raw Russet,069 Burnt Sienna,719 Dark Phthalocyanine Green,229 Dark Green,232 Middle Moss Green 10%,161 Light Blue,140 Ultramarine,149 Night Blue,070 Scarlet,300 Fast Orange,512 Light Cadmium Yellow,011 Pale Yellow,901 Chinese White

Set of 40,631 Light Ultramarine Violet,093 Violet Grey,105 Plum,069 Burnt Sienna,066 Raw Russet,033 Golden Ochre,035 Ochre,047 Bistre,046 Cassel Earth,408 Dark Sepia,009 Black,008 Greyish Black,003 Light Grey,002 Silver Grey,901 Chinese White,541 Light Flesh 5%,044 Terracotta,746 Dark Flesh 50%,741 Dark Flesh 5%,042 Flesh,719 Dark Phthalocyanine Green,229 Dark Green,245 Ligh Olive 40%,232 Middle Moss Green 10%,212 Chromium Oxide Green,732 Brown Olive 10%,161 Light Blue,661 Cobalt Blue 10%,140 Ultramarine,620 Cobalt Violet,149 Night Blue,089 Dark Carmine,070 Scarlet,060 Vermilion,571 Anthraquinoid Pink,300 Fast Orange,512 Light Cadmium Yellow,820 Golden Bismuth Yellow,821 Naples Ochre,011 Pale Yellow.

Set of 76,002 Silver Grey,003 Light Grey,004 Steel Grey,008 Greyish Black,009 Black,011 Pale Yellow,017 Light Reseda,033 Golden Ochre,036 Raw Sienna,039 Olive Brown,042 Flesh,044 Terracotta,046 Cassel Earth,047 Bistre,050 Flame Red,052 Saffron,060 Vermilion,064 Medium Russet,066 Raw Russet,068 Herculanum Red,069 Burnt Sienna,070 Scarlet,080 Carmine Lake,083 Ultramarine Pink,089 Dark Carmine,093 Violet Grey,099 Aubergine,105 Plum,140 Ultramarine,145 Bluish Grey,149 Night Blue,161 Light Blue,162 Phthalocyanine Blue,180 Malachite Green,212 Chromium Oxide Green,214 Beryl Green,225 Moss Green,229 Dark Green,232 Middle Moss Green 10%,234 Middle Moss Green 30%,240 Lemon Yellow,241 Light Lemon Yellow,245 Light Olive 40%,300 Fast Orange,350 Purplish Red,408 Dark Sepia,495 Slate Grey,506 Payne's Grey,512 Light Cadmium Yellow,530 Gold Cadmium Yellow,541 Light Flesh 5%,542 Light Flesh 10%,571 Anthraquinoid Pink,581 Pink White,582 Portrait Pink,583 Violet Pink,585 Perylene Brown,620 Cobalt Violet,631 Light Ultramarine Violet,661 Light Cobalt Blue,662 Cerulean Blue,664 Cobalt Blue 30%,712 Verdigris,719 Phthalocyanine Green,730 Chinese Green,732 Brown Olive 10%,741 Dark Flesh 5%,745 Dark Flesh 40%,746 Dark Flesh 50%,748 Dark Flesh,802 French Grey 10%,808 French Grey,811 Bismuth White,820 Golden Bismuth Yellow,821 Naples Ochre,901 Chinese White


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