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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Sketch Pads

Let your creative juices flow wherever you are with our range of sketch pads. Travel size, jumbo size and everything in between, it doesn’t matter whether your sketches are big or small, we’ve got you covered at Art to Art. And with free shipping when you spend over $100, it might even make sense to get one of each! Browse the range of art paper pads below or click the link to keep reading:

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Canson XL Mixed Media Art Book 300gsm


Canson XL Mixed Media Pad

$8.95 $7.16

Canson XL Recycled Pad

$6.95 $5.56

Mont Marte Sketch Pads


Mont Marte Discovery Sketch Book


Mont Marte Sketch Pad Black


Arttec Kraft Paper Pads


Mont Marte Calligraphy Workbook


Strathmore Toned Paper Pad - Tan


Strathmore Toned Paper Pad Grey


Arttec Newsprint Paper Pads


Sketch Pads

 We offer drawing pads in A5, A4, A3 & A2  sizes as well as most european sized journals and sketch pads for all types of drawing and sketching. 

Sketch pad paper thickness


Our artist pads come in a wide range of paper thicknesses, from 49gsm to 250gsm. Different paper thicknesses suit different applications, some of which are outlined below:


49gsm - this is very thin paper, similar to newspaper thickness.

80gsm - ideal for quick sketches and technical drawings 

110gsm - used for practice, rough sketches and journaling, great for most drawing.

150gsm - ideal entry level thickness drawing paper for most students and beginners.

210gsm - versatile and capable of taking most media for long lasting drawings 

250gsm + -  thick heavy weight paper to stand up to the high demands of any drawing style 


Once you’ve found the art pad for you, why not also check out our extensive range of drawing supplies, including all types of pencils, fineliner pens and more. You’ll be surprised how affordable they can be.





What is the difference between a sketch pad and a drawing pad?

Often the terms ‘sketch pad’ and ‘drawing pad’ are interchangeable but it should be noted that sketch pads are more intended for experimental drawings and rough practice sessions, whereas drawing pads are for proper artworks.


What is the best sketch pad for beginners?

Buy the best range you can afford in a medium weight paper 


What is the best size sketchbook?

It rather depends on what you want to achieve. A5 is small enough to transport easily but may not be suitable for lots of detail. Meanwhile, A2 is too large to carry around but good for larger, complex sketches.