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Rewards Club  Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100* A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer    Gift Cards

Face & Body Paint

Shop online for your professional face paint supplies at Art to Art. Because regular artist paint just won't do, our face and body paint kits are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and child-friendly. Get creative for a kid's birthday party or a halloween soiree. 

Our selection caters for everyone from the amateur dabbler to the face-painting professional. Remember, it's free shipping when you spend over $100, so stock up!

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Derivan Face Paint Sets- Animals


Derivan Face Paint Sets- Butterflys


Derivan Face Paint Sets- Starter Set


Mont Marte Metallic Body Pens 6pc


Face & Body Paint

Safe for your skin


With our range of products, anyone can use their face and body as a canvas. Because regular paint is unsuitable for your skin, we've sourced these products that are hypoallergenic – which means they're designed to not cause an allergic reaction.



Long lasting


As face painters know, you want your base materials to be easy to apply and long lasting. Our paints won't crack or peel after being put on, so they're perfect for the soft and delicate skin you'll be using them on. However, you also don't want  your art to be impossible to clean off! Luckily, the professional face paints we stock from Mont Marte and Derivan are water soluble, so they won't be too much trouble to remove before bed. 



Colour and shine


The body and face paint supplies we stock come in a huge variety of colours. Not only that, they are also available in metallic and glittery variations. There's also some specialised imitation blood available if you're feeling spooky. 



Specialised children friendly face painting crayons

We've even got something to get the kids involved!  Let them have fun and experiment with our face painting crayons in bright, pearl, or neon colour palettes.


We have same day dispatch and free shipping when you spend over $100, and remember, at Art to Art, you can purchase face paint with Afterpay!





Which paint is best for face painting?


The best face and body paints in Australia are those that have been created especially for the task - don't use regular watercolour paints or acrylic paints, which can irritate or harm your skin. Something that's easy to apply, easy to remove and doesn't cake on your body is ideal. 



What do professional face painters use?


Professional face painters will use both water and oil based paints. To actually apply it to the face or skin, they will use brushes for precision, and a face painting sponge to evenly and smoothly spread colours across the face. A mirror is always handy to have in case you're painting on yourself!



Can I use acrylic paint on my face?


No - even if the acrylic paint is non-toxic, it can irritate the skin. To make matters worse, once it dries it's incredibly difficult to remove from the skin, which means you may need to peel it off. Make sure you use a paint that is designed for the body.



Is face painting hard?

Face painting can be harder than painting on an art canvas due to the different shapes and curves that each person's face will have. Don't let that discourage you from trying though! You can get stencils that help you get the shapes and designs right, so you can still do a great job even if you haven't got a lot of experience.