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10 Unique Art Journal Ideas

10 Unique Art Journal Ideas


10 unique art journal ideas


Art journaling is a wonderful way to tap into your creative side and express yourself artistically. So, if you’re stuck with ideas for your visual art diary, we’ve got you covered! We'll explore ten simple yet inspiring unique art journal ideas that will ignite your imagination and make your art journal truly special. From beautiful watercolour paintings to using dried flowers, there's something for everyone. Read on.





1. Watercolour painting

2. Mixed media

3. Pressed flowers

4. Paint pen art

5. Acrylic painting

6. Abstract art

7. Black background

8. Free hand doodle

9. Collage Art

10. Colour palette





1.   Watercolour art journal ideas


10 unique art journal ideas - watercolour painting



Create beautiful and colourful art journal pages using watercolour paints. Explore different techniques with blending, layering, and creating stunning washes to bring your pages to life. Experiment with watercolour brushes to achieve different textures and levels of pigment.



2.   Mixed media art journal ideas


10 unique art journal ideas - mixed media




Combine different art mediums like paints, markers, and collage materials to add depth and texture to your journal pages. Explore the endless possibilities of mixing materials and fill a page with your creativity.




3.   Pressed flower


10 unique art journal ideas - pressed flowers




Incorporate the beauty of nature into your creative art journal by using pressed flowers. Arrange dried flower petals and leaves on your pages to create enchanting pieces that capture the essence of the natural environment.



4.   Paint pen art


10 unique art journal ideas - paint pen art




Add vibrant colours and intricate details to your journal using paint pens. These versatile art tools allow for precise lines and bold designs, making your pages visually striking and full of personality.



5.   Acrylic painting


10 unique art journal ideas - acrylic painting




Explore the versatility of acrylic paints and create a dynamic and expressive art journal spread. Experiment with different brushstrokes, layering techniques, and colour combinations to bring your ideas to life.




6.   Abstract art - geometric shapes and patterns


10 unique art journal ideas - abstract art




Let your imagination run wild with abstract art in your journal. Use shapes, colours, and textures to convey emotions and ideas, allowing for a more personal form of expression. This simple art journal prompt will turn your blank page into some amazing art.




7.   Black background


10 unique art journal ideas - black background




Another great art journal inspiration is playing with contrasting colours.  Let your designs, patterns, and illustrations stand out with contrasting black and white, creating visually captivating pages.



8.   Free hand doodle


10 unique art journal ideas - free hand doodle




Release your creativity with free-hand doodles in your art journal. Allow your pen to wander and create whimsical characters, patterns, and scenes that reflect your imagination and personal style. Using fineliner pens you can let your hand do the talking. Simple outlines and traces are a great place to start!




9.   Collage


10 unique art journal ideas - collage art




Tell visual stories by incorporating collage techniques into your journal. Cut and paste images, textures, and found objects with craft glue to create unique and layered compositions that reflect your thoughts and inspirations.




10.   Colour palette


10 unique art journal ideas - colour palette




Explore the world of colour by creating dedicated colour palettes in your art journal. Experiment with different hues, tones, and shades, and use them as a reference for future projects.




Explore the world of art journaling with Art to Art 


And there you have it! 10 inspiring art journal ideas that offer a wide range of possibilities for you to experiment, create, and have fun with. Your art journal is a place for self-expression and exploration. Art to Art stock a variety of art journaling supplies from oil paints and gouache paints to colour pencil sets and drawing charcoal. Shop before 11am for same-day dispatch Australia-wide. Free shipping on orders over $100.




10 Unique art journal ideas: FAQS



What are the rules for an art journal?


When it comes to art journaling, there aren't any strict rules. It's all about expressing yourself freely and having fun. Here are some simple guidelines to enhance your art journaling experience:



Try new things: Explore different techniques, styles, and materials in your art journal. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and discover new creative possibilities.


Embrace mistakes: Remember that art journaling is about expressing yourself and not being perfect. Embrace mistakes and accidents as part of your artistic journey. They can lead to unexpected beauty and unique results.


Be true to yourself: Use your art journal to reflect your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Let it be a space where you can express your true self without worrying about what others might think.


Enjoy the process: Art journaling is about the joy of creating, not just the final outcome. Focus on the journey, cherish each moment, and have fun exploring your artistic side.




Which paper is best for an art journal?


Choosing the right paper for your art journal can make a difference in how your artwork turns out. Here are some simple recommendations:


  • Painting Paper: If you enjoy using various art supplies like paints, markers, and collage materials, opt for mixed media paper. It's designed to handle different mediums and is more resistant to bleed-through and warping.


  • Watercolour Paper: If you love working with watercolours or other wet media, go for watercolour paper. It has a textured surface that helps absorb water and pigment, allowing for beautiful washes and blending effects.


  • Pastel Paper: If you mainly focus on drawing and using dry media like pencils, pens, and pastels, pastel paper is a good choice. Look for heavyweight paper that can handle shading, blending, and erasing without smudging or tearing.



What's the difference between a sketchbook and an art journal?


While they are both similar, sketchbooks and art journals serve slightly different purposes. A sketchpad is primarily used for sketching, practising techniques, and capturing visual observations. It's a place where artists experiment with different ideas, compositions, and subjects.


Whereas, an art journal expands beyond sketches and incorporates various forms of artistic expression. It can include writing, collage, painting, and mixed media. It often delves into personal reflections, emotions, and storytelling.

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