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Langridge Artist Pigments

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Manufacturer: Langridge
Langridge pigments are perfect for use in interior, exterior, and archival applications. You can incorporate pigments into most mediums including epoxy resin, oil, acrylic, gouache, varnish, wax, paper pulp, or clay. They can also be used for collage and mixed media art, calligraphy, faux-finishing, sculpture, papermaking, printing, candlemaking, pottery, epoxy resin, acrylic pouring, polymer clay and more.The Langridge range of pigments are noted for their quality of grade and fineness, ensuring the maximum benefit in tone and chroma. All Langridge dry pigments are pure single pigment types with no blending. Langridge supply traditional earths and historical colours from original sources as well as constantly researching and selecting modern pigments to satisfy artist demand for new colours of vibrancy and intensity. Every colour is verified for its origin and identified for its chemical characteristics to provide the artist with a range of pigments noted for their quality of grade, pigments are highly lightfast ASTM 1 (excluding Fluorescent colours).
  • Wide range of lightfast pure pigments
  • Excellent colour strength, clarity and brilliance
  • Ideal for artists who prefer to create their own paints
  • The best product to colour epoxy resins
  • Excellent value colours go a long way
  • 120ml Tubs
  • *
    • Blanc Fixe
    • Lithopone White
    • titanium white
    • zinc white
    • unbleached titanium
    • nickel titanate yellow
    • naples yellow light
    • arylide lemon
    • cadmium yellow
    • arylide yellow
    • nickel azo yellow
    • diarylide yellow
    • cadmium yellow deep
    • cadmium orange
    • Azo Orange
    • pyrrole orange
    • cadmium red light
    • napthol red
    • cadmium red
    • pyrrole red
    • quinacridone red
    • cadmium red deep
    • Naphthol Red Deep
    • perylene crimson
    • Potters Pink
    • Ultramarine Pink
    • quinacridone magenta
    • quinacridone violet
    • dioxazine violet
    • Cobalt Violet Dark
    • Cobalt Violet Light
    • ultramarine violet
    • manganese violet
    • ultramarine blue
    • cobalt blue
    • Smalt Blue
    • Egyptian Blue
    • phthalo blue
    • prussian blue
    • Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)
    • cerulean blue chromium
    • cobalt teal
    • phthalo green
    • chromium oxide green
    • terre verte
    • Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)
    • terre vert deep
    • yellow oxide
    • yellow ochre
    • golden ochre
    • transparent yellow oxide
    • raw sienna
    • burnt sienna
    • raw umber light
    • australian ochre
    • raw umber
    • mars brown
    • burnt umber
    • red ochre
    • raw umber
    • red oxide
    • cassel earth
    • ercolano red
    • orange ochre
    • transparent red oxide
    • caput mortum
    • terra rossa
    • mars orange
    • venetian red
    • titanium grey
    • graphite powder
    • slate powder
    • Aluminium Flakes
    • mars black
    • carbon black
    • lamp black
    • roman black
    • manganese black
    • rich gold
    • pale gold
    • silver
    • copper
    • irridescent silver
    • irridescent red copper
    • irridecent gold
    • irridescent bronze
    • Fluoro Yellow
    • Fluoro Orange
    • Fluroro Pink
    • Fluoro Violet
    • Fluoro Blue
    • Fluoro Green


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