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Rewards Club   |Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $100*  |A family owned Australian online art supplies retailer  |Gift Cards

Copic Nibs & Accessories

Discover a wide range of copic marker nibs and accessories at Art to Art. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, perfect for achieving different effects. Simply insert your nib in your copic marker until it snaps into place! Shop copic marker refills online at Art to Art and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

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Copic Classic Nib Calligraphy 3mm


Copic Classic Nibs Round


Copic Nib Standard Fine


Copic Nib Super Fine


Copic Booster Needle 3Pk


Copic Tweezers

Handy tool for removing Copic nibs

Copic Multiliner SP Replacment Nibs


Copic Nibs & Accessories

Continue to bring your illustrations to life with Art to Art’s variety of copic marker nibs. Our copic nibs are double layered, flexible and durable - making them the perfect drawing tool for your copic sketch and ciao markers as they won’t fray. No matter what you’re creating, our copic marker tips are great for achieving a range of techniques including blending, shading, creating precise strokes and more! 

Art to Art’s replaceable nibs are not only affordable, they help to make a positive difference for the planet as they will last a lifetime! 

Shop art markers online today and get same day dispatch. Free shipping when you spend over $100 and pay later with Afterpay. We also stock copic marker sets and marker pads, so don't forget to check them out! 


How long do copic nibs last?

If used regularly, copic tips typically will last for around 8 to 12 months. If the nib begins to feel soft, or the marker doesn’t colour evenley, you should replace the tip. 

Are copic nibs interchangeable?

Yes! The copic marker nibs at Art to Art allow you to replace your old marker tips when they become worn out, so you can extend the lifetime of your copic markers. 

How do you remove copic nibs?

Replacing your copic nibs is really easy! Grab some tweezers and remove the old nib in your marker, and simply push your new nib into the slot until it clicks into place!