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Gouache Paints

Shop gouache paint online at Art to Art to add more body and depth to your paintings. More opaque than the watercolour paint you might be used to, gouache paint contains larger particles of pigment that help you get that photo-realistic look that you simply can't achieve with traditional watercolours. 

Gouache paint has a number of uses, including illustration, posters, comics, plein air painting and design. Grab your gouache supplies from Art to Art and add in paint brushes to qualify for our $100 free shipping, anywhere in Australia.

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Holbein Acryla Gouache 12 Master Set


Gouache Paints

When you want your art to "pop", traditional gouache is the way to go. With more pigment than watercolour, gouache can give your artwork a bold look. It also has the ability to reflect light and make things shine, even though it dries with a matte finish. At Art to Art, you can choose from popular brands like Art Spectrum, Daler Rowney and Mont Marte.  You can also find gouache paint sets with 6 colours all the way up to 24!

Because it’s similar to watercolour, gouache is ideal for both professionals and beginners. This also means you can find premium gouache (made with gum arabic) or student-grade paint (made with dextrin). Gouache is also water soluble, so you can use your watercolour brushes without fear of them being damaged like with your acrylic painting gear. Don’t limit yourself to just paint brushes either. Try using a palette knife to mix the colours or take them off the art canvas if you think it's been applied too thickly. 


Find the gauche paint Australia loves at Art to Art, and always remember that you can buy now but pay later with Afterpay. Add some gouache art supplies to your cart today!



Do professional artists use gouache?

They sure do! Because it is so versatile, it can mimic other mediums and types of paint like oil paint.It can also be mixed with water to look like you've used both watercolour and gouache within the same piece. It was good enough for Henri Matisse, so we feel that it will fit your professional use case too!


What is gouache paint?

Gouache paint is a water soluble, water based opaque paint that is similar to watercolour, but creates a bolder and thicker look. It's quick drying and very versatile to work with, making it a favourite of mixed media artists everywhere. Recently, acrylic gouache was created, but it's far less common than the traditional type. 


What is the difference between watercolour and gouache paint?

The difference between gouache paint sets and watercolour paints is that the traditional gouache is much thicker, and more opaque. Whilst it's made from similar ingredients to watercolours, the pigments used in its production are much thicker, leading it to be used in posters and photo-realistic reproductions of subjects. 


Is gouache paint good for beginners?

Because it's quite easy to work with, gouache lends itself well to beginners, and you can reuse some of your supplies, like watercolour painting paper and paint brushes. 


While some layering techniques can be challenging, you can easily fix any mistakes by re-wetting the paint. In fact, for a gouache painting to be finished you'll need to seal it to protect it from water damage.